If you are looking for the world of Mobians of Sonic the Hedgehog fame, this is not it.  Believe it or not, I developed a Mobian philosophy years before they appeared via Archie Comics on the planet Mobius.

For me, a Mobian is one who espouses the tenets of Mobian philosophy. Still not much help?

How about investigation of the nature, causes, or principles of

reality, knowledge, or values, based on things that can be done with a Mobius strip.

Do you realize there are surfaces with only one side? The simplest such

surface, called the Möbius band, is made by taking a long rectangular strip of paper, giving one end a half-twist and then pasting the two ends together.

An insect crawling on this surface, keeping always to the middle of the

strip, will return to its original position upside-down. Does the name Escher sound familiar?

If you start drawing a line down the middle of a mobius strip, without lifting your stylus, you will eventually wind up just where you began.

I extracted the basics of Mobian philosophy through my study of the Möbius strip.

The following are Mobian inspired phrases:

   ⊗ Things are not always as they seem.

   ⊗ Don't expect judgements made without personal involvement to be correct.

   ⊗ I'm twisted.


So what the hell is a Mobian?

Things are not always as they seem


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