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August Ferdinand Möbius August_Ferdinand_MöbiusMöbius Band was named after him.

August Ferdinand Möbius August_Ferdinand_Möbiusbest known for his work in topology.

Escher Möbius AntsMoebiusAnts

Möbius strip – Britannica Definition Mobius Strip

In 1858 Johann Benedict Listing had discovered the properties of the Möbius band at almost the same time, and independently of, Möbius

In 1861 Johann Benedict Listing published an important paper in which he described the Möbius band (4 years before Möbius) and studied components of surfaces and connectivity.



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Möbius info via Wikipedia

The Möbius strip, a non-orientable two-dimensional surface with only one side when embedded in three-dimensional Euclidean space.  The Möbius configuration, formed by two mutually inscribed tetrahedra, is also named after Möbius. August Ferdinand Möbius was the first to introduce homogeneous coordinates into projective geometry. He is recognized for the introduction of the Barycentric coordinate system. Before 1853 and Schläfli’s discovery of the 4-polytopes, Mobius (with Cayley and Grassmann) was one of only three other people who had also conceived of the possibility of geometry in more than three dimensions.